Customer Journey

At Troy homes we know that buying a new home is one of the most important purchases you will make and our Sales Consultants will assist you throughout this process and answer any questions you may have. In addition we have put together this step by step guide as a summary for you to understand what is expected to happen.

Understanding how much you can afford

Before you choose your perfect home we recommend that you speak to a Financial Advisor to get an understanding of your budget.

Choose your Troy Home

Our Sales Consultant will assist you in choosing the home that suits you best.


Once you have chosen your Troy Home you will then be asked to fill out the Reservation Agreement with our Sales Consultant. You will pay a reservation deposit which will secure your new home for an agreed period of time. You will also be asked to speak to our Independent Mortgage Advisors on the phone to ensure you have been financially qualified.

Instruct a solicitor

You will need to appoint a legal advisor to act on your behalf who will be responsible for the transfer of ownership of the property. If you do not have solicitor then Troy Homes will be able to recommend some to you. You will have to pay fees to your solicitor and you should understand what these are. Troy Homes will endeavour to send out draft contracts, conveyance plans and any other relevant information to your legal advisor within 48hrs of approving a reservation

Appoint a Financial Advisor and apply for a mortgage (if required)

Whilst you will have already spoken to a Financial Advisor to ascertain your budget, you will now need to apply for a mortgage. At reservation you will have spoken to our Independent Advisors. There is no obligation to use them albeit they do have particular experience in purchasing a new build property.

It is important that you instruct your solicitor and Financial Advisor promptly after reservation as it can take several weeks to obtain a mortgage and obtain local searches.

Post Reservation Meeting

Within a week of reserving your property, your Sales Consultant will invite you back to the sales office to discuss the details of your new home, including kitchen and bathroom layouts, specification and any optional extras that may be available to purchase.

Exchange of Contracts

Once you have received your mortgage offer and your solicitor is satisfied with the details of your purchase, your solicitor will ask you to sign the draft contract. You will then be required to pay your solicitor the exchange deposit which is 10% of the purchase price. Once your solicitor has this deposit and signed contracts you can then instruct them to exchange contracts.

Customer options and extras

Depending upon the stage of construction you will have the opportunity to personalise your new home by choosing the kitchen and bathroom colour schemes from our selected ranges and you may also have the opportunity to purchase optional extras. Your Sales Consultant will discuss these in more detail with you.

Customer Stage Demonstration

At pre-plaster stage we will offer you the opportunity to view your new home with the Site Manager to discuss the progress.

Update and Progress

We will give you regular updates on the construction progress of your new home and the anticipated completion date.

Arrange removals and change of address

As the build completion of your new home draws closer we will advise you of a more accurate anticipated legal completion date and you can then arrange your removals and advise people of your change of address. You will also need to speak to BT or Virgin if required at this point.

Home demonstration

A few days prior to completion of your new home you will be invited to visit the property with the Site Manager and Customer Care Manager for them to demonstrate to you how the appliances and fittings work and for you to familiarise yourself with your new home.

Legal completion

On the day of completion your solicitor will transfer the balance of the purchase price monies to Troy Homes. Once this has been received our Sales Consultant and Site Manager will meet you and walk through your new home with you for a final inspection and to record the meter readings. We will then hand you your keys and the Troy Home is now yours.

5 Day Courtesy Call

Our Site Manager will visit you within 5 days of moving into your new Troy Home to answer any questions you may have.

After Completion

Once you have moved into your new home you will receive a call from our customer care department to introduce themselves and advise you of how they can be contacted if required.