Why Buy New

At Troy Homes we recognise that buying a home is most likely to be the biggest investment you make so why should you buy a new build property instead of a second hand property? The HBF and NHBC have produced leaflets which explain in detail the benefits of purchasing a new home, however we have detailed the main ones below.

Everything is new so low maintenance and no DIY

When you buy from Troy Homes you have peace of mind that everything in your property is new, not just the fixtures and fittings such as kitchen and bathrooms but also the structure including windows, foundations, walls and roof. This means that you won’t be spending your spare time on maintenance and DIY. You also have the knowledge that your home will have been built to the highest building regulations. For the first two years after completion Troy Homes are responsible for putting right any defects or damages to your home or common parts which are caused by a failure to build to the current standards. In addition your home is covered by NHBC warranty for an additional eight years after the initial two years.

You can personalise your home

Depending upon the stage of construction when you reserve your Troy home you will have the opportunity to personalise it by choosing the colour scheme of your kitchen, bathrooms and flooring from our options ranges. You may also be able to add other additional items at additional cost to make your home bespoke to you.

Cheaper to run and greener for the environment

Your Troy home will be built to the latest environmental standards and will be more energy efficient than a second hand property with better insulation, double glazing and efficient boilers as standard and therefore cheaper to run as well as being greener for the environment.

Various schemes available to assist in your purchase

Troy Homes offers a number of schemes to assist you in purchasing your new home. This may include assisted move, where we help you sell your existing property or part exchange where we will buy your property. There are also government schemes such as Help to Buy. Our Sales Consultants will discuss the schemes available to you in more detail when choosing your Troy home.