How long does it take to decide to buy something? 20 minutes before you order in a restaurant? 45 minutes trying on different styles, colours and sizes of shoes? A few weeks talking to friends before replacing golf clubs, bicycle or the clothing that goes with them? What about making an offer on new home in just 17 minutes?

According to current data, buyers spending more than £500,000 on their new home average around 17 – 30 minutes before they make an offer and first time buyers take around 53 minutes before committing, regardless of price bracket.

Richard Werth, CEO of Troy Homes says: “Most buyers know what they want before they view the home and they really can ‘fall in love’ with a home at first sight. It is not some strange alchemy that prompts this. It is, in fact, something much more prosaic than that. These are buyers who know what they want. They have done their online research and have a list of ‘must haves’ that inform their decision on which properties to view. Therefore, when they visit our show home, they already know that the property meets the majority of their criteria and can make up their minds relatively quickly. They also have their mortgage or finance in place, which speeds up decision making.

I would advise that nothing beats viewing a home in person. Online research is ideal for narrowing down the alternatives, but only when you walk around a property can you visualise how you will live in it. Our sales team listen to buyers and explain the thought that has gone into the home. This prompts them to discuss things like: “Will our sofa fit better here, or there? The garage is large enough for the bikes, garden furniture – and a car! The dog can sleep there.”

However, it is surprising how little people remember from their first viewing, especially if they are looking at a few properties in one day. So, we advise buyers to return for a second visit before making an offer. On a second viewing, they will look more closely at the detail – from cupboards to store the vacuum cleaner and coats, through to the plug and wi-fi sockets being in the right place – the things that make everyday life easier, and the type of details that Troy Homes takes enormous care to get right.

Also, on a second viewing, we can usually take more time to talk about the local schools, clubs, places of worship, pubs, and transport so our buyers get a real impression of life beyond the front door. We never rush viewings because, when our buyers move in, we want the home to be even better than they remember.”

If you are currently looking for a place to call home, then Troy Homes can help! It’s very exciting times at the moment with the launch of four gorgeous new show homes due to open over the next few months at our select developments located in North Finchley, Chesham, Amersham and Royston.