Our Sustainable Future: 2023 and Beyond 

As the UK moves towards its zero-carbon goals, Troy Homes is acting now to make efficient changes to the way we build homes.

We want to leave a well-considered and sustainable mark on the housebuilding industry. That means reviewing the whole life carbon of our luxury properties: where have we sourced our materials from? How far have our trades travelled to get to work? How do these considerations impact our developments and, ultimately, our customers?

With gradual steps in the right direction, we intend to deliver first-class properties that promise quality, reliability and lower future costs — essential if you are planning on planting long-term roots — and leaving a community and ecology that will thrive well into the future.

So, what does this look like for Troy Homes? We have outlined the key components to creating ‘The Future Home’…


We evoke a fabric-first approach when building our luxury homes, meaning we prioritise energy efficiency at the start of the design and throughout the development process. For maximum efficiency, we wrap the building tightly to prevent precious heated air from escaping.  


A good thermal transmittance (U-value) that meets building regulations is currently 1.4 or lower. We employ a beam-and-block floor system with 150 mm of insulation over and a 75 mm screen on top, giving us a U-value of 0.11. For the walls of our luxury properties, we use a 150 mm full-fill cavity with an aerated inner skin of blockwork to provide a U-value of 0.17.


Our roofs are insulated between and over the joists, both with 200 mm of insulation, leading to a U-value of 0.11. Where holes penetrate the wrapping of the property, such as windows and doors, we reduce the U-value as much as possible to keep the heat inside your home.


The junctions of our buildings have been calculated for heat loss; by reducing the air leakage value, we can make the home perform as efficiently as possible. ​Our current combination of high-acting junctions, thick insulation and building tightness creates a very efficient building for our customers. Still, we are constantly reviewing ways to improve and achieve an air leaking value of no greater than 5. 


After making sure your home is as thermally efficient as possible, the next stage is to ensure we are heating it using the least amount of carbon​…

Hydrogenready boilers

We are mindful that in 2025, all newbuild homes will embrace renewable heating technologies to help the UK reach its netzero target by 2050. By introducing hydrogenready boilers between now and 2025, we aim tofuture-proof your new home for whatever progress is made in the gas market, saving you the extra cost down the road. 

Smart cylinder

With smart technology, our cylinders only take power from the grid when costs are low and use up surplus energy to keep the tank warm, helping to reduce heating bills and wasted energy.

Underfloor heating

Hotwater pipes are buried within the floor screed, and when hot, the entire floor acts as a single thermal mass. This means there is less heat loss throughout the property, allowing consistent temperatures within all areas of a room — so you can stay toasty all winter long.

Heat recovery

MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery)​ and WWHR (waste water heat recovery​) are two ways to recycle generated heat and provide fresh air to the home.​ MVHR draws air from outside and filters fresh, clean air into the house. WWHR uses the residual heat from the waste shower water to preheat the incoming cold feed that refills the system. Both solutions offer substantial energy savings, so you can spend your money on other exciting ventures as you build your life in your new home.


Once we have considered the fabric of our luxury homes and the recovery of the energy that has been lost, we then plan how the building can generate its own energy.  


Adding sleek photovoltaic (PV) panels to your roof allows you to benefit from generated power, lowering your energy bills and contributing to a better environment.


Troy Homes also aims to introduce power storage, allowing you to utilise generated power and all its benefits fully.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging

With over 705,000 electric vehicles on UK roads, providing charging points to every home offers ultimate ease in making the switch to EVs and aims to help reduce harmful carbon emissions.


We endeavour to avoid water waste and make a conscious effort to drain our surface water to a sustainable location… 

Water usage

As we progress towards 2025, Troy Homes aims to tighten water usage from the average 145 litres per day to 110 litres per person daily. By using water restrictors, aerators and other clever technologies, our water-efficient properties will be at the forefront of sustainable development.

Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS

Our preferred drainage route is to create wet and dry ponds where ecologies and habitats can thrive. On many of our luxury development sites, these ponds have become a central feature for you to enjoy, with flourishing habitats on your doorstep and natural habitats thriving around your community.

Are you ready to find your dream luxury home that puts modern living and sustainability first? Discover our current developments today.