In today’s climate, potential homeowners are in the market for properties that can deliver energy efficiency and minimised monthly bills.  

So, it comes as good news that the Home Builders Federation (HBF) says, under Ofgem’s new price cap, owners of new homes could benefit economically with substantial cost savings… 

In fact, when comparing the average energy bill of a new home to an older property, buyers could make annual savings of up to £2,200  

Thanks to energy-saving designs and tightened sustainability regulations, the HBF revealed that 85% of new-build houses have an EPC rating of A or B — whilst only 4% of existing homes match the same energy-efficiency standard. Overall, these new properties require significantly less energy usage and emit less carbon emissions than older homes.  

At Troy Homes, we know that energy-efficient homes are the way of the future — which is why we prioritise thoughtful design, economically friendly amenities and price-saving features to truly make your house an energy-efficient home.  

So, what does a Troy Homes property entail, and how can buying new over old enhance your lifestyle — and savings? 

The building blocks of energy efficiency  

Although older properties can have a touch of history and charm, you may find your heating bills going through the (poorly insulated) roof…  

But Troy Homes’ dedicated housing developers use a fabric-first approach to optimise your home’s energy performance, meaning you can worry less about future maintenance and the price tag that comes with it. 

With improved U-values in the composition of your new home, thermal performance is enhanced, helping deliver the required energy standards whilst reducing heat loss throughout to keep your energy costs to a minimum. 

Turn up the heat with smart technology 

Newly built homes are now being fitted with smart heating technologies to help the UK reach its net-zero target.  

Unlike with older properties — where you will often find gaps between the floorboards, single glazing and a lack of wall insulation — investing in your new Troy Homes property means knowing it is running as efficiently as possible from day one.  

When you buy new with Troy Homes, you can even enjoy ground-floor underfloor heating for a luxurious touch, which allows for consistent temperatures within all areas of a room — keeping you toasty all winter long.    

Heat recovery solutions may also be installed into your new home to reduce energy consumption and improve ventilation systems. For example, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) solutions draw air from outside and filter fresh, clean air into the house. Wastewater heat recovery (WWHR) uses the residual heat from the waste shower water to preheat the incoming cold feed that refills the system.   

All these solutions offer significant energy savings, so you can spend your money on other exciting ventures as you build your life in your new home. 

Energy that lasts longer 

Troy Homes prioritises thoughtfully planned homes incorporating the latest renewable technologies, allowing your new property to generate and store its energy. 

For instance, every home in our Damson Close development in Meldreth is fitted with photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof, allowing the property to benefit from generated power, contributing to a better environment whilst lowering your bills. One of Troy Homes’ goals for the future is to ensure every one of our properties is built with this energy-saving feature. 

Although owners of older properties can also benefit from PV panels, the cost of acquiring and fitting them yourself adds up. In fact, the average cost of solar panels in the UK is £5,500 for a four-kilowatt hour (kW) system, which would mean it will take around seven years to break even.  

Moving into a home that already has your renewable energy options covered saves you the expense — and headache — of doing it yourself. 

Old homes vs Troy Homes

Older properties are often desirable to buyers because they exude character — but is charm alone worth the hefty energy price tag that comes with it?

On the surface, these lived-in houses may seem like good value for money, but new properties are unrivalled when it comes to cost savings. And if you are looking for an energy-efficient home — without compromising on style and comfort — Troy Homes has the answer… 

We have been working hard to develop our portfolio of high-quality new homes — all of which benefit from smart solutions, such as EV charging points, underfloor heating and EPC ratings of B, to ensure the ultimate energy efficiency for our customers.    

Not only does buying new mean you can benefit from energy-efficient solutions, but you can also cut out complications and dive straight into making your house a home. And at Troy Homes, we like to make things as simple as possible, with benefits you would struggle to find anywhere else…

When you buy new with us, we can assist you with the sale of your existing home. Plus, we are a guaranteed purchase vendor — meaning our customers are safe from risk and legal fees if a homeowner pulls out from the top of the chain.

It has never been so easy to enjoy bespoke interiors, carefully selected appliances and economically friendly features — knowing you can avoid splurging extra on renovations and repairs down the road. Our homes promise quality, reliability and lower future costs — essential for anyone planning on planting long-term roots. 

Are you searching for your dream luxury home that puts modern living and energy efficiency first? Browse our stunning new developments and call 020 3829 5550 to speak with a member of our team today.