If you’ve only lived in a house with several bedrooms and a suburban aspect, the idea of downsizing might seem a little daunting. However, housing trends show that for many, downsizing their home to save money, reduce maintenance or release equity can be a quality move all-round.

Downsizing or trading down to a luxury, finished apartment with excellent transport links to London equals buying a smaller place to live without trading down on lifestyle. As long as there’s enough space for friends or children to stay over, and outside space in the form of communal gardens, a balcony, and parking, the many benefits downsizing has to offer can be yours.

More time on the weekends

If you think about what you get up to on the weekends, chances are mowing lawns, cleaning gutters and improving or cleaning your house ranks highly on your list of activities each month. Imagine how much more time is available when you no longer need to take care of external maintenance? Apartment service charges include the gardening and external window cleaning leaving you free to schedule in more social activities!

More time for life changes

Moving to take up a city position, needing great transport links and wanting to trade spare time for health and fitness goals are all additional benefits to apartment living. The right kind of development boasts apartments with a range of bedroom, living and outdoor configurations to suit any lifestyle. The ability to buy in an area that might have been out of range when looking for a family home is now affordable within the luxury downsizing market. Is it time to take up tai chi or run a few marathons?

More equity for a comfortable retirement

A more affordable home when you are still working equals the chance to save more towards a comfortable retirement. This might not be your primary reason for downsizing, however, consider as a ‘lifestyle choice’ that moving from quieter areas to vibrant locations with easy access to London means all the action, theatre, culture and dining opportunities on offer are right on the doorstep. You can enjoy more of life now, whilst saving for the future.

Luxury urban apartments

Finding the perfect luxury urban apartment to suit your lifestyle is one of our passions. For those wishing to live in beautiful Finchley, North London, our Rosebay House apartments are currently taking offers and with the doors to the luxury show apartment now open, 25% of the apartments are already sold! When Gidea Park near Romford launches later this year, an average train journey time to Stratford in 20 minutes makes London ultra-accessible, yet your  gorgeous luxury apartment with fantastic tube links is close by in this leafy, residential location. Following this, our upcoming Theydon Bois development also boasts excellent tube links making the mere 13 mile journey to the city centre a breeze, yet offers tranquillity within a peaceful village setting. We have many exciting upcoming apartment schemes over the next year as we’ve identified a real gap in the market for affordable luxury developments. Register your interest now in upcoming developments in Pinner, Epping, Northwood and Hadley Wood.